Here are market activity charts that cover the last 6 months by WEEK, through June 13, 2010.

Homes Listings Accepting Offers: market has slowed down quite a bit from April (the double tax credit rush), and by a smaller degree from May. The first week of June was significantly impacted by the Memorial Day weekend.

Listings For Sale: increasing bit by bit going into summer. Higher than at any other point in the past 6 months. A bit more choice for buyers.

Percent of Listings Under Contract: about the lowest it’s been since February. Increasing inventory + decreasing demand = more choice for buyers; a more competitive environment for sellers.

New Listings Coming on Market: a fair amount of new listings still coming on market. We’ll have to see if this begins to tail off going into summer.

Sold Listings vs. Expired/Withdrawn Listings: over the past 4 weeks, for every 3 solds, there have been 2 listings expired or withdrawn. So, plenty of listings are still not selling, typically due to being perceived as not a good enough deal by buyers. Buyers are cherry-picking the better deals and leaving the rest.

Luxury Homes $1,500,000+ Accepting Offers: the market has cooled in the past 4 weeks compared to the spurt in mid-May, but is generally at the levels we’ve seen since February.