“Comparing median prices since the last analysis (1/1 – 11/24/09) with the new data (6/1/09 – 2/15/10), which as you can see overlap for 5 months – which is necessary to have a long enough time period for there to be enough sales to be reliable – one of the interesting points is how little most of the median prices moved. Many did not budge – Noe Valley, Richmond and Miraloma 3BR houses, for example, stayed exactly the same. Most of the others changed less than 3%, some up 1-3%, some down 1-3%, which some would argue is within the margin of error, and may denote no change at all. The point being how stable the market has been for most of the past year.”

Attachment: SF_Home_Appreciation_and_Depreciation_since_1995.pdf