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Luck tends to favor the prepared. My experience has proven time and time again that well-prepared homes sell for higher market prices and in less time than unprepared properties. When given the choice between a home with taste-specific finishes that reflect the seller’s lifestyle or a neutral palette to be claimed as their own, I’ve found the most capable buyers will choose the latter and perform their best to secure it.

Preparing a property in today’s rapidly accelerating market takes more than a few carefully placed pieces of furniture and some attractive wall art. It can months of prep work to present a home that will sell in less than 10 days. Some of the most profitable sales involve replacing flooring, painting, buying new appliances, installing counter-tops and inspecting systems and structures from top to bottom. Whether it involves one, or all of these things, I am with you every step of the way to ensure I deliver the best market response possible.

When you hire me you get professional guidance, reliable project management and access to a host of contractor resources to best prepare your home for maximum return.


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Comparable Sales

To better understand market conditions, I offer a complimentary online tool that will let you track home sales in your neighborhood over time. While almost anyone can know when a home is listed for sale, it is far more difficult to know the final selling price – undeniably a much more meaningful piece of information when learning current market conditions.

Start your search by entering your favorite neighborhood in the first box of the form below – wait for the full name to appear in the drop down menu – and select it to confirm. Adding your bedroom/bathroom count and price range will take you to one of the most robust and accurate search engines in the industry.

But that’s just the beginning! Your results will display in the photo-centric search tool that lets you compare properties with photos room-by-room and search for unique property features like natural light, open floor plan, dual sinks, near Whole Foods and Google shuttle stops – no other online resource offers this level of detail or accuracy. Explore the options within the super intuitive user interface to refine and improve your search results.

I’m proud to offer a free sign up where you can register to receive automatic alerts matching your most detailed criteria. Look for the “sign up” link in the top right corner of the screen to stay up-to-date on the most current listings matching your criteria and track them over time to stay current on market trends in your neighborhood.

Pricing Strategy

Your list price is a critical marketing tool. In today’s market no other single message will garner more attention for your home than the price at which it is introduced. An attractive list price will safeguard your property from languishing on the market and can increase the likelihood of competing offers.

A well developed pricing strategy can improve the likelihood of multiple offers with an optimal set of terms and conditions in a sales contract. It can also mean the difference between a house that sits and a house that sells. The presence of more than one offer will often create a sense of value, and drive competing bidders to offer more than they would have otherwise.

When you hire me you get peace of mind knowing you’ve secured the highest possible selling price with the best terms in the shortest time.

Complimentary Custom Home Valuation

Please complete this brief form to receive a no-obligation assessment of your home’s current market value as well as information on pricing strategies that will deliver the best market response. I’ll use the information you provide, combined with publicly available information about your property, to generate a comprehensive and custom analysis.

You may expect a personal e-mail confirmation acknowledging receipt of your request within 24 hours, and an estimated delivery time for your assessment. I respect your privacy and will use your information solely to generate your personalized and custom home assessment.

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Whether you are selling a house, condo, TIC or stock cooperative, I know how to get the job done. Contact me today to discuss your needs.