Paragon consistently achieves the highest average sales-price-to-original-list-price percentage & the lowest average days-on-market of the top 10 brokerages, when acting as listing agent.

When even a half percentage point in sales price equals thousands of dollars…

Paragon agents average 1.5% – 5.5% above other top SF brokers and 9.5% above the city’s overall average sales-price-to-original-list-price percentage of 88%.

Typically, when a buyer feels a sense of urgency to act quickly, they also offer more money. And when multiple buyers feel a sense of urgency, they bid against each other.

Paragon’s average days-on-market figure as listing agent is 5 weeks below the city average of 92 days.

Home sales include houses, condos, co-ops, tenancies in common, and 2-4 unit buildings. Sales over $3 are often confidential and distort the averages.

Hire an agent who knows how to: Price it correctly. Prepare it thoroughly. Market it comprehensively. Negotiate offers effectively. Protect your interests aggressively. It can make a difference of many tens of thousands of dollars.