My Philosophy

As both a Realtor and San Francisco homeowner, I know the place you choose to call home is much more than brick and mortar. The vibrant neighborhoods of San Francisco create communities that fuel our quality of life. I feel fortunate to live in the midst such of great diversity and am humbled by the efforts of our neighbors who invest time, energy and money into making our fair city by the bay a wonderful place to live.

Community Spotlight:  Independent Schools

I am proud to support independent schools in the San Francisco bay area. Over the years, my clients have shared the challenges of finding quality education in the city and I’ve learned, from them, that independent schools are fast becoming a preferred solution to an age-old problem.

Fund-raising is an ongoing requirement for these exceptional learning institutions and to demonstrate my commitment to the cause, I will donate 10% of my net commissions* to an independent school of your choice when I close your sale or the sale of a referred friend, family member or colleague.

Contact me directly by clicking on my email at the bottom of this page and I’ll be in touch with the details on how to get started.

*net commissions are paid to the licensee after miscellaneous transaction fees are paid and do not include commissions paid to the brokerage firm.