Have a Pre-approval Letter Ready:

I’ve found a pre-approval from First Republic Bank helps to reassure the seller you will perform to the terms of your contract, fund and close your loan on schedule. I am not compensated in any way when I recommend a lender. My recommendation is based solely on the loan officer’s ability to perform with a history of satisfactory client feedback. To get started on your pre-approval today you may contact Dyann (pronounced like Diane) Tresenfeld at First Republic Bank. Her phone number is 415-296-3794 and her email is dtresenfeld@firstrepublic.com.

Make a List of “Must Haves” and “Nonessentials”:

San Francisco homes are filled with architectural charm and incurable flaws. As my mom used to always say, you have to take the good with the bad. Buying property in San Francisco is an exercise in compromise. “Must haves” might include , a yard or a particular neighborhood. “Nonessentials” might be a master ensuite, parking or a remodeled kitchen. Keep in mind that limiting your “must haves” can widen your options, especially if you let go of popular ones like a big back yard or a second bathroom.

Screen and priortize the best listings.

COVID-19 and the string of Shelter-In-Place Orders have changed the way we show property. All in-person showings are preceded by in-depth online screenings. I will set you up with a state-of-the-art tool available exclusively from Compass called Collections. We can tag, track and discuss the details of specific properties, to help prioritize the listings that most closely match your criteria.

Know what you are buying:

Most typically, sellers will prepare a a complete set of disclosures that are available for prospective buyers to review during the marketing period. They include important information about the property including the seller’s knowledge of any known conditions, the city’s history of permits, general property inspections and structural pest reports. A complete package typically has hundreds of pages of information. When you commit to work with me, I will take the time to guide you through the disclosures and prepare you to make an informed decision before finalizing the price and terms of your offer.

Be Available for Showings:

Without the benefit of open houses, the only way to see properties in-person is by private appointment with your agent. You will be required to make a declaration of your health within 24 hours of the showing and commit to using personal protective equipment while social distancing inside the property. The best properties move quickly and it’s important to get in to see them as soon as you have completed your virtual evaluation and reviewed the disclosures. So don’t wait until the last minute! The more time you have between the time you view a property and the time you decide to bid, the more at ease you will be with the process of writing an offer and seeing it accepted.

Be Ready to Write an Offer:

This means being emotionally prepared to become a real estate owner. I can make the process easy and fun for you, but you need to be ready to take on the responsibilities and rewards of owning San Francisco property.

Calculate Your Mortgage

Called the Pinterest of real estate, Collections allows us to track the local landscape for the duration of your sale in a centralized, visual space.

I can create a custom Collection that lets you compare properties similar to yours—their size, neighborhood, amenities—in a visual workspace. We can monitor market activity in real time, stay in constant contact with each other, and invite other collaborators to join in on the discussion throughout.

So much to know . . .

When you commit to have me represent you exclusively in your search, you become my top priority. I am available to advise and counsel you seven days a week — always acting in your best interests. In the interim, you might find some of these documents useful to give you a sense of the process and better understand some of the more unique properties you may find in San Francisco.

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