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Have a Pre-approval Letter Ready:

I’ve found a pre-approval from First Republic Bank helps to reassure the seller you will perform to the terms of your contract, fund and close your loan on schedule. I am not compensated in any way when I recommend a lender. My recommendation is based solely on the loan officer’s ability to perform with a history of satisfactory client feedback. To get started on your pre-approval today you may contact Dyann (pronounced like Diane) Tresenfeld at First Republic Bank. Her phone number is 415-296-3794 and her email is

(We are not compensated in any way when making a referral to a lender. Our recommendations are based solely on the individual’s proven ability to perform with a history of satisfactory client feedback.)

Get Perspective on the Market:

In the San Francisco market, listing prices aren’t always the selling prices. That house around the corner may have come on the market at $1,999,000, but odds are good that it’s been bid up to a price well above $2,150,000 or conversely sold for $1,875,000. When you commit to work with me, I can provide you with up-to-the minute neighborhood pricing trends and offer opinions on the value of properties that are currently available.

Make a List of “Must Haves” and “Nonessentials”:

“Must haves” might include parking, a yard or a particular neighborhood. “Nonessentials” might be a master suite or a remodeled kitchen. Keep in mind that limiting your “must haves” can widen your options, especially if you let go of popular ones like a big back yard or a second bathroom.

Be Available for Showings:

The best properties move quickly and it’s important to get in to see them as soon as they come on the market. So don’t wait until the last minute! The more time you have between the time you view a property and the time you decide to bid, the more at ease you will be with the process of writing an offer and seeing it accepted.

Be Ready to Write an Offer:

This means being emotionally prepared to become a real estate owner. We can make the process easy and fun for you, but you need to be ready to take on the responsibilities and rewards of owning San Francisco property.

Set Your Terms

With such limited supply and overwhelming demand for residential properties in in San Francisco I am finding buyers are most often competing amidst multiple offers, many that are all-cash. The most compelling offers are those that combine the best price with the best terms – and in my experience it is these offers that prevail. I develop a custom offer strategy for each of my Buyers to allow for in-depth inspection and due diligence related to financing and appraised value. Every transaction is like a finger print, with a unique set of variables to define a winning approach. I am proud to offer advice on property-specific market conditions that embolden my clients to find and secure the homes they most desire.

Custom Search

No two homes are alike – especially in San Francisco. Most properties have endured countless renovations over many decades. So even if a home looks familiar from the exterior, the interior is likely to present a very different story. The more property you see, both online and in person, the more familiar you will become with the concept of “comparable value” – a critical principle in determining an offer price.

Start your search by entering your favorite neighborhood in the first box of the form below – wait for the full name to appear in the drop down menu – and select it to confirm. Adding your bedroom/bathroom count and price range will take you to one of the most robust and accurate search engines in the industry.

But that’s just the beginning! Your results will display in the photo-centric search tool that lets you compare properties with photos room-by-room and search for unique property features like natural light, open floor plan, dual sinks, near Whole Foods and Google shuttle stops – no other online resource offers this level of detail or accuracy. Explore the options within the super intuitive user interface to refine and improve your search results.

I am proud to offer a free sign up where you can register to receive automatic alerts matching your most detailed criteria. Look for the “sign up” link in the top right corner of the screen to stay up-to-date and track the most current listings matching your criteria. It’s the best way to hit the ground running on your search for a new home!

Document Library

So much to know. . .

When you commit to have me represent you exclusively in your search, you become my top priority. I am available to advise and counsel you seven days a week — always acting in your best interests. In the interim, you might find some of these documents useful to give you a sense of the process and better understand some of the more unique properties you may find in San Francisco.

My Buying Guide
Condo Conversion


TIC Info Article


TIC Fast Facts


General Info


Stock Cooperatives


Ready To Close


ChicagoAgent delivers the ability to answer questions that come up while house shopping. After simply entering in a house price, this program provides the total monthly payment, (PITI) itemized closing costs, and also the due-at-closing figures.

Click here to download the app today! (NOTE: By clicking this link, you’ll be directed away from my site). To secure the application you will need to register. You may enter “Self” for company name and when the prompt for Chicago Rep appears, enter Ranya Kaileh.


Whether you are selling a house, condo, TIC or stock cooperative, I know how to get the job done. Contact me today to discuss your needs.

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