When I drive through the hills and valleys of our fair city by the bay, I am so grateful for the work I do and the difference it makes in the lives of my clients. With each house, condo, and stock cooperative I pass, I am reminded that the core of what I do is so much more than simply closing a transaction.

I help my buyers and sellers open a new chapter in the ever-changing journey of life. How cool is that!

Let’s start your next journey together.
Linda LeBlanc

my clients’ Testimonials

Our experience working with Linda was quite positive, especially considering the challenges posed by the current market conditions. Right from the start, it was evident that Linda possessed strong listening skills. She took the time to understand our specific needs and preferences.

Throughout the process, Linda demonstrated a commitment to helping us find the home that was right for both of us. Her knowledge of the local market dynamics and proactive approach were invaluable in navigating the competitive landscape. Thanks to Linda’s expertise and effort, we were able to secure a home we love. We would recommend Linda to anyone seeking a real estate agent who listens attentively and works diligently to achieve her clients’ goals.

~David W.

We have now worked with Linda twice, on both buy and sell side, and can confirm she is absolutely fantastic at both!

On the buy side, she diligently helped identify many options over several months, working with us in a difficult market to find the elusive combination of things we were looking for.

More recently, on the sell side, she did a masterful job of coordinating activity to prepare the place for sale, setting a pricing strategy, and handling the sale process. Despite challenging market conditions she secured several bids and an optimal price.

We highly recommend Linda as a truly excellent agent.

~Jonathan K.

Linda is an outstanding agent. Her attention to detail and her knowledge of the real estate market area is incredible! Her suggestions, marketing strategies and execution are spot on and netted us 20% more than the listed price. I’ve worked with a number of agents over many years buying and selling more than eight properties and Linda LeBlanc is by far the best I have ever worked with! Thank you for all your hard work!

~Ronald O.

We were so lucky to work with Linda to purchase our first home. I can’t say enough good things about Linda’s supportive partnership, professionalism, market expertise, and extreme care. Our friend recommended Linda to us when we first started our house-buying journey. Linda immediately jumped on a call with us to patiently overview the offer process, then took over an hour with us the next day to walk through how to read a disclosure packet. She made us feel much more comfortable and empowered, and we knew that we had found a trusted advisor for this process.

Linda was very quick to understand what we were looking for, and is incredibly plugged in to the SF housing market. She guided us through some beautiful open houses, a couple of offers, and ultimately found us our dream home – which we secured for only $5K more than the runner-up bid, thanks to Linda’s expert guidance!!! She made herself very available to us, carefully answered our many questions, connected us with experts (geotechnical engineer, insurance brokers, architects, etc.), and made us feel confident in every decision that we made.

I am so grateful that we were able to work with Linda. She made this scary process an absolute joy, and delivered us an unbelievable outcome. I recommend her to anyone looking for a top tier real estate agent!

~Ali J.

Just closed on our dream SF location! We LOVE our new place and absolutely no way we could have done it without Linda. She is personal, professional, networked, and highly, highly respected among all SF realtors. Best of all … she cares about doing what’s right and best for you & makes you feel like you’re the only person she’s working with. So responsive and patient. For someone of her caliber, we felt so lucky to have her on our side. We also love her website … so transparent and personal. Check it out, you’ll see why. Nothing better than getting to the finish line and realizing … your realtor is also your friend. That’s Linda!

~ Seung P.

I have worked with Linda on three transactions. She goes above and beyond every time. I would always work with her in the future.

~Philip G.

Linda LeBlanc was exactly the professional my son needed when buying his first apartment in San Francisco. She met us at the open house, was familiar with the neighborhood, the selling agent and the market. She guided John through every step and strategy for a winning bid without a hitch. Her process and professionalism are top notch and as John and I have said, she is now the only agent our family will be using in SF.


We just bought our first home with Linda. We had little idea about anything and she was wonderful in guiding us through the whole process.

She got us started with the most important initial steps and information about the specifics of the SF housing market. She was very quick to figure out our preferences. She is super knowledgeable, detail oriented and responsive. She spent a ton of time walking us through disclosure packages, pointing out the good and the bad, the boilerplate and the specific, uncommon paragraphs.

She also found exactly the right approach in conveying important information and urgency but also not making us feel pressured during the closing process. It was very easy for us to quickly know we can trust her, something I didn’t expect since in all my previous experience as a renter I never had seen any value in having an agent involved. We also found her reputation precedes her, as many of the agents we talked to at open houses spoke incredibly highly of her as soon as we mentioned who we were working with.

She knows the market and the players, so although we shopped around we finally went with her recommendation for both the lender and the escrow agent (a different one than the seller had originally suggested, because she had previous experience with them and found them to be not responsive enough in time sensitive situations).

The closing process can be very stressful, with many time-critical steps to be checked off the list, and she almost literally held our hands throughout all of it, setting up and sharing a todo list and ticking off items for us, notifying us when critical points were close to being due.

And on top of it all she is 100% there for us even after the closing. Whenever we have questions she still answers immediately, making sure we are having a good experience settling into our new home.

~Paul W.

I have known Linda for at least 20 years, we worked together for the same high tech company before she left to pursue her dream and passion in real estate. She’s had the opportunity to represent me and my husband in not just 1, but 2 real estate experiences. First was purchasing a home in San Francisco, and then the second most recent was when I sold my apartment I’d had for almost 20 years.

The amount of detail Linda put into this experience and effort – is second to none. And the entire process is seamless, well documented, and thorough. It started with a very important discovery process, where you discuss in details your expectations, your vision, and you land on what you both agree will give you the best outcome. From there we spent a lot of time in the details that end up being the most important part of the process….disclosures. She won’t leave anything left unturned, and she seeks to understand everything about your property. That gives her the best possible way to represent you to potential buyers with an incredible amount of knowledge. She knows what kind of buyer you’re looking for, because she goes to great length to understand your goals. And she found the PERFECT one for me. Once we got into into escrow, it was making sure things were going smoothly, on time, and a lot of great communication back / forth. We ended up closing early – a win / win for everyone!

She makes things beautiful – when I saw my apartment for the first time after it had been staged and finished, I seriously had tears of joy in my eyes….she took so much pride in making everything perfect, and it was. She knows the market so intimately that I trusted every recommendation she gave me, and she was spot on with every decision we made together.

Selling my apartment with Linda was one of my greatest joys and pleasures, and I would use Linda for any future opportunity.

~Becky B.

Linda was recommended by a friend of mine, and simple put working with her was probably the only way I got this home in such a crazy, complex market. I am a first time home buyer in SF and I could not have made it through this process without Linda’s guidance, diligence and her going above and beyond at every step of this wild journey. From ensuring I had the best lender to managing complications with the developers timelines, to asking the questions I would never have thought to ask, Linda not only successfully steered me through this process, she was my advocate and cheerleader thje all along the way. I am forever grateful, and humbled, to her for making this dream come true.

~Todd R.

I’ve had the privilege of working with and knowing Linda for ~15 years and doing 4 home transactions with her. She is by far the best agent (which other agents have validated and also told me in working with her). She leads with integrity, world class client service and persistence to always find us and her other clients the best possible outcome. She is an unrelenting advocate for the best interests of her clients and always gives the correct advice, even when it means no near term transaction – which is why she is legendary for being so trustworthy. Her tact and reputation among the agent community is pristine which means she will get ‘first looks’ that other agents do not because of the trust the agent community has in her. When she is selling a home, she knows masterfully how to price/bring to market/create competitive tension at the right moment with bids. Every person who has ever told me they are thinking of buying in SF, I have referred and will continue to refer to Linda.

~Niall Y.

Linda LeBlanc is an expert realtor and based on my experience of buying my first San Francisco home with her guidance and support in Spring of 2022, I highly recommend her services. Linda is knowledgeable of the full cycle of the real estate journey and from all sides. She is trustworthy with her discernment, proactive with anticipating needs of her client, and has a passion for matchmaking people to space. I lift up her calm energy, diligent follow through, and overall delivery of collective success in hunting for, narrowing down, feeling out, deciding on, financing, negotiating, winning and even settling into a new property. Could not have done it with out her.

~Madison C.

If you are looking for a great real estate agent, look no further, Linda LeBlanc is the real deal. From the beginning of engaging with her to sell our home, I felt that we were in great hands because she armed us with information about the process and market and did it in such a way that I did not feel overwhelmed and could easily follow who was doing what and when as well as what was expected from us throughout the process. Linda listened to our needs and committed to our aggressive timeline. She also has a great team at the ready that included a great stager who project managed the process and got our house ready in record time. In addition, Linda worked with a photographer that captured the beauty of our home, street and neighborhood incredibly well. The website and marketing materials were consistent with everything else she delivered – top notch. Needless to say, we loved working with Linda and highly recommend her. The last thing that I will say is that Linda is very even-keeled and while selling your first home can be very anxiety provoking, her calmness and knowledge helped to put us at ease and that is worth a lot given all the other stressors we all are having to live with these days.

~Eugene D.

I’ve known Linda for a long time and there was no other agent I could imagine working with when it came time to sell our home. Linda is a true professional who deeply understands the ever changing San Francisco residential real estate market. As we prepared to sell our home Linda enlisted an incredible stager and together they managed every aspect of preparing our home to go on the market. We set an aggressive timeline and they hit every milestone on time with no drama. The go-to-market plan along with the marketing materials Linda developed showed she had a clear vision of who the buyer was for our property. Linda executed her plan perfectly and as a result we sold our condo in a week at a price we are very happy with. We will definitely work with Linda again and have already recommended her to friends and colleagues. You will not go wrong working with Linda!

~Ken E.

I would not be writing this review from the living room of our first house if it were not for Linda LeBlanc. She patiently explained every detail of the home buying process to us newbies. Linda gained our trust by guiding us towards realistic listings for our price point and her in-depth knowledge of the SF real estate market. Every time we went to an open house, the listing agent would exclaim how much they loved working with Linda. She was able to use her strong relationships and stellar reputation to help us buy the perfect home– we even got a “good deal”!

Don’t waste your time with any other realtor, go with Linda today.

~Kenji K.

My husband and I worked with Linda to buy our second home but first in San Francisco’s market. Linda was recommended by our friends and what an amazing find. Linda is always on top of the market, seems like she’s continually researching at all hours of the day, and visits several open houses a week. She is eager to find the right property that fits her clients needs and is open to suggestions but also provides properties for viewing that might not have originally been considered for many different reasons. We had a very short time period (<8 months) before our rental would expire and we met our deadline and found a perfect home for our little family including a private patio with parking in the Mission! As a bonus, she's got an adorable dog we had the pleasure to meet as well.

~Amanda S.

We have hired Linda both when buying our first house and selling the same many years later. She is very experienced, extremely organized and easy to work with which made these otherwise stressful events much more pleasant.

~Andreas J.

It is hard to express how strongly I recommend Linda LeBlanc. 10 stars would not be enough.

We worked together in tech marketing before she became a realtor and I trusted her smarts and integrity then. She has become a powerhouse realtor.  Her strategies and vision helped me sell my condominium for over 40% of asking price with 15 offers. It was an extraordinary outcome. Our success was due to her strategies, her encouragement, and her savvy instincts – and her relentless attention every step of the way. She is also one of the nicest, kindest people I know, a true pleasure to work with, in every way. She is amazing. She is the real deal.

~Suzanne B.

When my wife and I met Linda we had intended to interview a few few realtors but from our very first conversation, Linda was absolutely amazing and we decided it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to work with her and have her expertise and guidance through the rollercoaster of the SF real estate market. And it was! I’m writing this from the dream home that Linda helped us to secure – if you are looking for a realtor I truly cannot imagine anyone better than Linda.

From our first conversation, Linda impressed us with her deep knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market.  She was patient with our long list of desires for our home, but also clear-eyed about where we would need to make trade-offs. She started sharing listings that met our criteria, and scouted houses that she thought were a good fit so that we could focus our time and energy.

Linda has been in this business for so long, that she’s very well-known throughout the city.  When you go to open houses the listing agent always asks who you’re working with– when we replied “Linda LeBlanc”, they always replied “you’re in great hands.”  Linda’s broad network and rapport with other agents was infinitely valuable in helping us land our home.

We made two offers before our third was accepted, and every time we learned more about the process and the market from Linda. We were anxious leading up to the first offer, and there were some mysteries about the house, so she even went with us to the planning department on a detective expedition to check out permitting history. Our second offer was a condo, and she spent hours explaining the CC&Rs and other disclosure documents, offering clear explanations of legal terms, never condescending or losing patience as we peppered her with hundreds of questions.  She also called in a favor to get us a last-minute structural inspection on a Sunday night in time for an offer the next day.

Although the market was hyper-competitive, Linda never pushed us beyond our comfort zone. On our final offer, she moved mountains to help us present our offer in the best possible way– she called to present our offer to the owner herself, helped us navigate a tricky counter-offer, and worked with us late into the night to send additional documents that helped seal the deal.

From our first meeting to the closing paperwork, Linda was always available to us, making us feel like we were her only client (although she had other listings on the market). Her knowledge, professionalism, deep integrity, and patience made her an anchoring presence through what is always an uncertain journey.  We’re beyond thrilled with our beautiful home and so grateful for Linda!

~Carrie L.

We had a fantastic experience with Linda. Her attention to detail and professionalism was the best I’ve seen in the many home purchases we have transacted over the years. We felt so well represented in our negotiations. She was on top of every detail throughout the process. She is also a very warm person and a delight to work with.

~Patricia L.

I can’t say enough great things about working with Linda. My husband and I tried for three years to buy a home in this crazy SF real estate market and when we finally switched to working Linda, she was a real difference maker in our search. We got more access to homes and had more insight on the competition because of her consistent follow through and connections in the real estate community. We ended up purchasing a house in the inner sunset with Linda and are very happy with our home and how smoothly the process went.

Linda definitely goes out of her way for clients and I would highly recommend!

~Lisa B.

I have known Linda from many years and she is my agent of choice for buying or selling. I also have friends who have been represented by Linda and they all were successful in finding their home dreams. Her extensive experience will be exemplified in how she works with her clients. You can expect the utmost attention to every detail.

~Eric S.

Fantastic real estate agent. We were given her name through a recommendation from a family member. As a first time homebuyer we were a little confused and lost with the San Francisco home buying process and she made things easy, helping us to realistically set our expectations and providing us with information that enabled our first and successful offer on our current house.

~Elizabeth J.

Linda LeBlanc is a true professional in every sense. We were selling the family home to ensure we had sufficient funding to care for my aging mother, so it was very emotional.  The fact that 5 generations of our family had lived in the home made it especially difficult for us.  Having had no real estate experience heightened our stress. Linda paid special attention to both of those issues and carefully guided us through the process. She brought the deal to a very successful conclusion, giving us the peace of mind that we made the best possible sale and the knowledge that we were well positioned to care for Mom. We would turn to Linda again in a heartbeat.

~Hillary K.

Linda was such a pleasure to work with I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. When we decided to sell our home in SF I interviewed many real estate agents and Linda Leblanc was hands down the agent we knew we were going to go with. She was extremely professional, very knowledgeable about the current market and what changes we should make or not make before putting the house on the market. She was also a great communicator, I was so nervous about the whole process and she provided me with constant updates through the process. Could not have been happier with the service she provided. If you hire Linda you will not be disappointed!

~Anne E.

Linda came highly recommended by friends who purchased a home with her in 2015. They have high standards and raved about her, so my expectations were already high. Linda exceeded my expectations and I will recommend her anyone buying or selling in the Bay Area.

1. Knowledge
We were first time home buyers and were looking for someone to help us navigate this crazy market. Linda was wonderful- she spent hours walking us through our first disclosure packet explaining in great detail what all of the documents meant and answering all of our questions. It was clearly very important to her that her clients were well educated on the process and understood what they were getting into.

Linda is very knowledgeable of the SF real estate market. It seemed that she had a personal relationship with almost every listing agent we met, and offered her recommendations on what it might take for us to write a winning offer on each specific property.

She provided thoughtful advice on the SF housing market, and also the pros and cons of properties we were considering. She understood that there was a good chance that we would be selling any house we purchased in 3-4 years, and only recommended properties that she thought would continue to appreciate well should the market turn. There were a couple of properties that I was interested in that she advised might not be a good fit based on our timeline criteria, which I really appreciated.

2. Proactive
Linda is very proactive- she sent us new listings that met our criteria, including off market listings that I would not have been able to find on my own. She toured properties with us and quickly followed up with the listing agents on any questions we had.

If we liked a property and considered putting in an offer she was very clear on what we needed to do to write a competitive offer (pre-emptive offer by X date; remove certain disclosures, but not others; quick close; rent back; etc.) But she also never pressured us to do something we were not comfortable with. When looking at properties that I felt might go just out of our price range, she always recommended putting in our best offer because you never know what a seller will go for.

3. Communication
Linda is a great communicator. She was very responsive to emails/calls (usually within a couple hours, right away if it was time sensitive). It was exactly the right amount of communication. No unexplained communication blackouts and I was never bombarded with weekly/daily emails listing every new property that came available in SF. Linda recommended only properties that met our criteria with personal emails, texts or phone calls.

We ended up deciding to delay buying a house due to the crazy market conditions, but should the market swing more in favor of the buyer we will definitely reach out to Linda again. I would highly recommend Linda’s services to anyone buying or selling a home in San Francisco.

~Justyn S.

Linda was an amazing real estate agent to work with as first-time homebuyers. She helped to educate us on real estate generally and the unique parts of the San Francisco market. Linda worked with us for a number of months until we found the right place for us, and then she was the strongest advocate we could have had to help us secure our new home. She was so lovely to work with all the way through, and I would recommend her to anyone thinking of buying a home in SF.

~Rachel B.

We really enjoyed working with Linda to sell our first home in San Francisco. She is professional, knowledgeable of the market, and consistently communicative – which was helpful considering we had already moved to a new city. I’m sure there was a lot she did behind the scenes to ensure that everything was on schedule. She’s extremely organized and kept us up to speed on all progress. We are pleased with the options presented and the ultimate result, and grateful for Linda’s role in making the process as smooth as possible.

~N S.

Linda LeBlanc is the gold standard for real estate representation in San Francisco! Linda advised me on the purchase of my current home and handled the sale of my last home. She is honest, diligent, and truly owns the role of “trusted adviser”, with an extensive knowledge of the market  .” I have referred several friends and professional contacts to Linda and they would all echo my comments. Her attention to detail (didn’t like the photo’s of my home as shot by the original photographer and hired a second photographer for a reshoot until everything was just right.) is unmatched. She will make things easy for you by handling the myriad of issues associated with buying and selling. Linda takes her representation responsibilities seriously explaining every contract nuance  making sure everything is clearly understood by her clients.  I cannot recommend LInda more strongly!

~Kevin O.

Purchasing a home in San Francisco is no easier than booking a table at Gary Danko next Friday at 6:30 pm; go ahead, fact check this. Linda LeBlanc is your golden ticket in! Well… probably not to Gary Danko, but for your home in San Francisco – Yes, she will get you there!

We were serendipitously introduced to Linda by the selling agent of a home which we submitted our first offer on. We met her in person shortly after some e-mail exchanges, where above all, Linda’s primary focus was to understand our needs/personalities (that cannot be easy – apologies, Linda)  while building a strong trustful and personable rapport with us. Linda carries herself with the utmost professionalism while being approachable for amateur real estate questions (trust, we asked any and all question under the sun). Most importantly,  she has a sparkling personality of warmth and laughter that’s been lacking in other realtors we’ve met through the past 50+ open home visits since early 2015. Don’t be fooled, Linda is also a whiz and an amazing coach when it came to the bidding process. For those already in the market, you may know that your real estate agent is not the only player throughout the home buying process, there are loan officers, home inspectors, plumbers, carpenters, structural engineers, and a field of other agents that will be involved in your home buying process. Stress not! Linda is part of a strong network of the key players, which is the primary reason landed our dream home in SF. No words can describe our gratitude for Linda’s dedicated, diligent and meticulous service during our home search, escrow period, and even after escrow close… but can a reservation to Gary Danko?…

I know. This is a lengthy review, so for those who rather skip the essay for the meat and bones (sorry vegetarians) of this review, here they are:
– Linda LeBlanc will not get you into Gary Danko, but she has up-to-date insightful SF housing market to unlock the search for your dream home.
– Linda LeBlanc prioritizes her client’s personal needs first. If there is a demerit in the home, she will not rationalize it, she will tell you that this home may not be for you. Honesty is key!
– Linda LeBlanc actively participates with you throughout the entire process. Linda will be the first to put on her stylish learning hat & best foot forward to learn what she doesn’t know with you.
– Linda LeBlanc is highly respected by her peers and works with a strong network of key professionals in the SF real estate industry.
– Linda LeBlanc should be your real estate agent. period.

It’s difficult to summarize our entire experience in a review, but in all honesty, there are nothing but positive things we can say about her as a person and professional. I hope this review brings the readers some guidance and comfort in your home buying or selling process, the same way Linda did for us.

~Alex C.

Words cannot express how grateful we were to have had Linda as our agent. She is professional, diligent, extremely knowledgeable and overall a sheer delight to work with. Linda was meticulous in keeping us appraised on where we were in the buying process and she always followed-up to ensure everything gets done (not just for her action items, but also ours and the banks!).

Her ability to coach us through the bidding process without being directive was fantastic. She helped us make the right decisions on what we wanted/were comfortable with versus just “closing the deal”.

Linda also has a great list of reliable and reasonably priced professionals such as property inspectors, handy-man, structural engineer, roofers etc. She even went above-and-beyond on several occasions to meet contractors on-site with us.

There is no doubt in our minds that Linda will be our go-to agent for San Francisco (or any other area she is able to cover!) Thank you Linda!!

~Raj S.

We got to work with Linda after an unsuccessful experience with another agent. The difference was clear from the beginning – Linda was extremely attuned to what we, as buyers, expressed as preferences and to our questions, and was able to follow up in detail on quite a few points. She was very clear on how we can work together successfully and met all expectations and demands along the way. She is extremely organized and so able to put some piece of mind in what usually is a very lengthy and convoluted process – including managing the closing process and post-close items with the same involvement and professionalism. She was also able to navigate the offer pricing extremely well – giving us the right feedback but not putting any undue influence or just daunting us with generic “pros” and “cons” or ill-fitting comps. She followed up diligently on everything, and her knowledge of San Francisco and her professional network meant that she could provide us with much more guidance than what just comes off paper or through any inquiries we could have done on our own.

~Dan M.

I first met Linda back in the depths of the Great Recession, when I was considering selling my South Beach/Mission Bay condo. She had the unfortunate task of delivering the bad news–my condo was worth significantly less than I paid for it back in 2007. But she delivered that news professionally and sensitively. I followed her advice and decided to hold on for a few more years. Fast forward to 2015. . . Linda and I stayed in touch, and when the time seemed right, she helped me to finally sell the condo. She was patient with what turned out to be a longer-than-expected sales process, but in the end, I was thrilled with the result.

Linda is honest, warm, funny, and extremely knowledgeable. The analyses that she and the Paragon team produce are quite informative, and I look forward to receiving and studying them regularly.

I may be in the hunt to buy a new place soon, and I will not hesitate to work with Linda again!

~Maureen O.

Linda was the first person I thought of when two friends told me that they were moving to San Francisco from the East Coast and wanted to buy a home. Linda did not disappoint. She worked to understand their requirements and was patient, flexible and resourceful. She did an excellent job introducing them to the city and helped them narrow down their choices. She ultimately found a spectacular triplex that accomplished their need to have a space for living and entertaining.

Contact Linda when you or your friends are looking to buy a home in San Francisco.

~Michelle G.

I first met Linda LeBlanc in 2007 when she assisted my family in purchasing our first San Francisco apartment. We had very little time – but she was able to find us the perfect place in just one day of home tours. She made the process quick, fun and painless, and I was proud to call that apartment home for four amazing years.

I again had the pleasure of working with Linda while purchasing my first home in the Spring of 2013. I can not speak highly enough of my experience: my emails were responded to in lightening speed, scheduling availability was incredibly high, and her ability to negotiate, research and find the perfect property in less than eight weeks was incredible! To top it all off, she is incredibly fun to work with. (I will never forget that Linda is the one that introduced me to the tofu “egg” salad at Trader Joes over ten years ago…I think of her and smile every time I buy it!)

But probably the best part about Linda, is that she treats you like a client for life. She has been an amazing resource in helping me find everything we need for the house: Reliable insurance agencies, plumbers, etc. I appreciate the amazing client relationship more than anything. I would not work with anyone else when looking for a home in the Bay Area.

~Jessica B.

Linda came recommended from our prior amazing realtor, Stuart Wilson (who retired) and she has been as advertised: fantastic! Linda is extremely helpful, genuine, patient; she picked up right away what we are looking for both in terms of selling our place and finding a new home. I would add that Linda knows the market back to front- thanks, Linda!

~Morgan C.

I don’t think a rating of 5 stars adequately represents just how fantastic Linda is, but since there is no higher option, it will suffice.

Linda was highly recommended to us by friends who worked with her on both the buying and selling side. We were immediately impressed by the speed and thoroughness of her reply. Linda was the epitome of professional the entire time we worked with her. She kept us abreast of neighborhood developments as well as market trends during the year and a half between the initial contract and close of our new construction condo.

Linda’s organization was above and beyond. Her strong network meant that we always had the latest info. She even helped post sale by providing recommendations for vendors to complete work on our condo.

She’s an absolute pleasure to work with. You’d be hard pressed to find a better agent in San Francisco.

~Amy T.

I have had the pleasure of working with both Linda & Stuart professionally. When Stuart announced his retirement, Linda surged forward and made lemonade out of lemons, as the saying goes.
Having witnessed first hand Linda’s professionalism, honesty and sincerity I highly recommend her for your real estate needs. I guarantee you will enjoy the experience!!

~Janet W.

We have purchased two homes with Linda’s help- both in very competitive markets!  She did a fantastic job helping us buy our first home and since then they continued to keep us up to date, ultimately culminating in perfect timing for our second purchase. She is very professional, smart, personable and extremely aware of market conditions.  These qualities are wonderfully complemented by her care and patience, even after the transaction is closed.  As she supported us through both transactions, we have seen how detail oriented she is, holding our hands through all stages of the purchase.  She has built a strong network of realtors, financiers and other industry related professionals which has proved helpful in every facet of the process – from property search to bidding and close. We continue to refer our friends and family to her and we have known several others that have worked Linda with very positive experiences.  We are extremely pleased we were able to purchase two homes with first offers in this difficult market and know we were only able to do this because of her expertise. Thank you Linda!

~Alexandra J.

Linda is the best person and the agent I have ever met from the professional and also from the personality perspective.

She immediately understood my life style, personality and needs, found the best condo at the best place.  She and her team continues to support me and help me to develop a good life in my new town.

Thank you Linda and your team.

~J. T.

We searched for a place in the city for 5+ months with another agent before having Linda recommended to us.  In the first month or so with her, we placed two offers and had the second one accepted in our dream spot.  We went on to recommend Linda to family and friends who have also found places fairly quickly in SF.

Linda is open, honest, flexible, accommodating, smart, and work hard and well.  We were first timers, and she went the extra way to explain everything from offers to inspection to closing.  One of the biggest pieces might have been her intelligence gathering about the other unit in the building that sold through a relationship with the seller (or buyer) agent.  That gave us a better sense of the market and how to structure our offer.

Simply put, Linda is our go to recommendation.

~Christopher M.

When my husband and I decided to relocate to San Francisco from Boston, we were fortunate to have friends refer us to Linda.  Linda’s wealth of information about the city, its neighborhoods and its available properties was phenomenal.  She made the daunting process of finding a new home fun and exciting.  Our needs and expectations were always front and center for Linda and she is just the kindest, sweetest person to work with.  And when it came time for negotiating, Linda floored us with her skills once again!  So do not hesitate a moment…sign up with Linda, you’ll be happy you did!

~Betty R.

Linda was recommended to us when we were looking to buy a home. Lucky us! After looking at 100 homes on the market and a couple of heart breaking deals that didn’t happen, Linda found us the perfect home. She kept saying, “The right home is out there and we’re going to find it.” She really knows her business, makes sure she knows her clients, and takes care of you through the entire process with knowledge and integrity. We have recommended her countless times and will continue to do so because we trust her 100%. She is professional, compassionate, patient, trustworthy, and genuinely a good person who has rightly earned the respect of her peers. You simply can’t go wrong with Linda.

~Brenda D.

I don’t believe there is a better real estate agent in the city than Linda.  We have had the pleasure of working with her on 2 transactions – one sale and one purchase.  Here’s what we love about her:

* She is so knowledgeable of every detail of the intricate SF housing market
* She seems to know everyone in real estate here, and has all the current info (even frequently info on properties before they come on market) – which is so key in market as hot as it is here.  Literally every time we go to an open house and are asked who our agent is, and we tell them, the response is “Oh, wow, Linda.  You’re in good hands.” or “Oh, yes, I’ve worked with her, she’s wonderful”
* She’s incredibly knowledgeable about not only the real estate side of things, but also financing, remodeling, renovations, zoning/codes etc … things that are critical in making a decision but aren’t usually in the skillset of most real estate agents.
*She is an absolute delight to work with.  She is 100% focused on you and your needs, and while I’m certain she had plenty of other clients at the time we worked on transactions together, we felt like we were her only clients.  She’s always calm and collected and helps to bring the stress levels down tremendously when going through something which could be quite stressful.

You won’t find a more professional, more effective, and more likable agent in the city!

~Jen L.

My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Linda twice on both the buying and selling side.  Most recently, we worked with Linda to sell our place in the city.

I learned a ton watching Linda at work during this process.  Broadly speaking, selling is both a science and an art and it was clear that Linda nailed both aspects of the sale during the process.  Not only is Linda an incredibly pleasant person to be around, she is professional and has an expert understanding of the market.  This was made clear quickly in the data she provided up-front and extensive thought behind how we should position our house….especially important in a ‘soft’ market.

In our case, we had a lot of complications/set backs that required patience and someone who is very good with people.  THANK GOD for Linda.  She managed all situations with grace and professionalism.

I recommend Linda for the most sophisticated of real estate buyers and/or sellers.

~Brooke H.

Searching for the right home in this competitive Bay Area market can be a daunting experience, but Linda set us on the right track. We were surprised and amazed at just how much can happen in just one short month. She works tirelessly and is well respected in the industry. Her honesty, expertise and professionalism made us, as “first timers”, feel so much more comfortable with the process of buying a home in San Francisco. Even after we closed she continued to make herself available if we had questions or needed referrals for any of the services that come with owning a home. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and will certainly recommend her to our friends in the future.

~Erin P.

We cannot thank you enough for how smoothly you’ve made this entire process. I remember calling you on that gloomy Sunday feeling worried we might not be able to sell during the pandemic. You rose to the challenge & reassured us it was possible, coming up with a thorough plan for us. One thing that really stood out to us was how organized & on schedule you kept things. During a time with such uncertainty & so much change for our family, it was very reassuring knowing we could depend on you to handle all these details. We are so pleased with the quick sale!

~Kyle and Rick
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